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Is the Wrong Implementation of the Right Strategy Still Right?  Consider These 6 Ideas!

Software Implementation

I wanted to scream!


  • I tried the website, but my account would not reset the password
  • I tried the 800 number but got in that endless “call volumes are higher today, please try our website”. Ugghhh!
  • Then, a new option: “Press 1 if you want to use text messaging!”
    • Oh, what the hell. Might as well try that. At least I can work on other stuff while waiting. After 45 minutes of waiting, I finally got the second CSR and got my SiriusXM account straightened out. I’m sure this plays out in everyone’s life on a daily basis!


Does this sound familiar? Everyone has a web portal. Nobody has good service or enough people. Companies are trying new things and kudos to them. Why can’t they execute?




The corporate world has exported the work to you! Ok, fine. Less labor. Lower prices. Maybe a better experience. The problem is that Amazon set the gold standard and companies are trying and failing to give you a good experience.


Why do most of them fail?


I harken back to the wise counsel of Scott Levy at ResultMaps. The reason companies fail is because of the strategy – execution gap. They have the right idea; they just do it wrong.


After 30 years of consulting, I’ve learned this much.


  1. Pick the right solution and don’t get enamored with the bells and whistles. You won’t use them all. You will likely use 20-30% of the software functionality.
  2. Put your best people on the project and compensate them above and beyond their salary. Bonus for results.
  3. Backfill them with proxies so their day job gets done and they are not working two jobs. The great resignation is on, so don’t risk losing your best!
  4. Always manage the vendor. SOFTWARE VENDORS CAN’T MANAGE PROJECTS. If you don’t know how to manage a project or a program, hire pros and someone who represents you!
  5. Require executives to engage weekly. The number one missing item… executive engagement!
  6. Spend the money. If you must cheap your way in, don’t do the project.


These 6 suggestions will improve your ability to deliver on your strategy. Looking at ResultMaps as a tool might help you as well!


Andrew Mewborn says give away what you know for free! Those are some gems learned the hard way!  

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