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Where Did All the Workers Go? It’s the Lifestyle, Stupid!

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I was going to stay with my sales strategy and execution theme today, but after reading several articles about the employee participation rate, I could not resist. If you are an employer, this is for you! The gig is up. People have figured out they need less and value time more.


It’s the Economy, Stupid


Back in 1992, during the Presidential campaign between Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush (43), there was an interview with James Carvel who was talking to campaign staffers. The economy was in recession and even after the invasion of Kuwait in 1991, Bush 43 could not keep approval ratings up. Carvel was going on the attack.


Carvel’s statement of “It’s the economy, stupid” became a mantra.  Clinton won.


Impacts on the New Working Lifestyle


Sometimes it’s the obvious. In case you’ve not been taking notes during the pandemic, several things have happened.

  • The Government has spent an unprecedented amount of money shoring up individuals income early on and only recently, in September, did those benefits run out.
  • Many boomers have sought early retirement rather than re-enter the rat race.
  • Americans saved an amazing amount of their earnings and stimulus over the last 20 months.
  • People performed marvelously during the pandemic and want that flexibility for good!


People are voting with their feet!


They are choosing lifestyle and freedom over tradition and structure. Many of us figured out that we can live on less, have more flexibility to live our lives and become much happier. 


We want flexibility and control over our lives


Employers are losing out because many jobs have proven to work well from a virtual set up. Hybrid to me means you get together when you need to.


When the incentives become less valuable to people, they make better personal choices.  


Here’s what I’ve done:

  • I exercise every day.
  • I don’t waste 2 – 3 hours a day in traffic.
  • I enjoy a good cup of coffee with my spouse in the morning.
  • My commute is 50 yards.


Why would I go back? Employers HAVE to be flexible.  As stated above…

…the people will vote with their feet!

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