Connect for Life



John P. Humphrey Jr.

John is a serial entrepreneur who has started and served at several services companies and helped them grow. Building businesses at the intersection of business and technology is where John has excelled at creating the most business value. In 2003, John co-founded Pariveda Solutions, and in just 9 years, grew the company to 300 consultants in 10 offices without a direct sales force, leveraging his Connect for Life methodology. John sold his interest and left Pariveda in 2012.


In 2012, John created a client acquisition strategy for services companies called Connect for Life. This methodology, supported by a book of the same name, assists technical individuals in building their personal brands in the marketplace and helps services companies grow their top and bottom lines.  John currently works with companies in this space helping with sales strategies, a variety of sales models, sales management and personal coaching.


John has a deep background in business and technology with a keep-it-simple mantra. Connect for Life is a program of teaching, coaching and helping services companies to grow and their people to excel!


He currently serves on the Associate Board at Southern Methodist University. John is a co-founder of the IT Round Table, a national networking organization and a number of private services companies. Mr. Humphrey received a B.A. in Economics and a B.B.A. in Finance from Southern Methodist University. He also received an M.B.A. from The Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in MIS and marketing.

Our Services

The Book | Connect for Life is available for purchase now & covers the entire methodology from beginning to end.

Public Speaking | John regularly tours speaking at different venues from private companies to universities. Contact us to ask about availability.

Coaching | Strategic services for your growing & expanding consulting services business. Training & implementation of sales methodology & pipeline management. 

The Blog | Join the fun – look for weekly blogs on interesting topics for the budding connector.

Videos | Join John for video topics around sales, networking, and connecting.

Workshops include either one or two 3-hour sessions covering everything from how to begin the process to advanced advice on internal & external selling.