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Work Remotely Forever is Gaining Momentum! Listen to Insights from These CEO’s and Talent Acquisition Firm JobVite

Remote Work Forever

It seems like I keep getting pulled into this topic. Let me be clear, this transition is not for every company, or every individual, but read more if you want to know who it is for?


“We Will NEVER Go Back!”


In the October 15-21st Dallas Business Journal, the Cover Story is “We Will NEVER Go Back!”  You can find it @


Rather than re-write the article, I’ll quote three CEOs from Asset Panda, VertexOne and Bottle Rocket.  Then, I’ll finish with some stats from JobVite after a recent survey they conducted.  If you are in the technology services arena, this is happening people!  So, if you want to cheat, scroll down!


Pandemic-Accelerated Shift


Asset Panda – Our very own Dallas Based CEO, Rex Kurzius.

  • “We never questioned the decision because we were preparing different areas in the company to be remote, it (the pandemic) just accelerated the decision to move our entire company to remote.”
  • “We will never go back to an office setting.”


Remote Work Drives Efficiencies


VertexOne – CEO Andrew Jornod

  • “It’s a formula that’s working.  The money saved on real estate has gone back toward assisting employees in working remotely.”
  • “As we moved to virtual, it really started to drive that consistency across different locations because now there were no physical locations. It allowed us to move quickly in consolidating some of our technologies and really drive efficiencies across the offices.”


Work From Wherever Forever


Bottle Rocket – CEO Calvin Carter

  • “We updated our “work from wherever” to “work from wherever forever!””
  • “It’s a retention mechanism for current employees, but its a huge attractor for new talent”
  • “It’s easier to deal with personal issues as they pop up without resenting work for getting in the way of taking care of family and kids.”


I’ll cover some of the techniques that these firms are employing in another post, but these are pretty powerful quotes.

  • Work from anywhere forever.
  • Never go back!
  • Retention mechanism.
  • Huge attractor of talent.
  • Easier to deal with personal items.

Wow! Some pretty good reasons to do it.


JobVite Stats

  • 78% of priorities of employers have shifted over the last year.
  • 54% of recruiters said they had a candidate turn down a job where flexibility is not offered.
  • 60% of recruiters believe companies will lose people if they don’t transition to Hybrid.


It would seem employers are getting the message as 70% of organizations will offer hybrid and only 14% plan to require office work 100% of the time.


What possibilities does that open for you? I’d love to hear how those possibilities are changing your trajectory!


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